The Twelve Lessons and alike

I’m on retreat (kind of, actually I’m house sitting for a vegan couple’s dogs and cat (I’m also vegan) in the beautiful historic town of Corsham, residing in a large Georgian house on the high street (that’s even featured in the TV series Poldark), where Peacocks roam freely and there’s an old-fashioned ambience that fills the air.

I decided to delete all my previous blogs and start afresh, as I begin my quest to find further enlightenment. I’m already hugely spiritual and have an avid interest in anything new age, alternative and unconventional (I’m Pagan/Wiccan) and I also have a penchant for self-help books, so after trying a sample of Kate Spencer’s the 12 Lessons, I have downloaded it onto my Kindle, along with the journal and other self-help paraphernalia. I must have suspected that this was on the cards, as I had already gone and stocked up on notebooks and stickers before starting my journey.

The house here is truly my dream home, I teach Yoga and meditation and I have the most perfect of settings to practise….the loft! Please do not conjure up dark, dusty and cobwebs, this is my space for reflection and contemplation, along with this secret spot in the garden

Loft (3)  003

So along with feeding my love of all things Yogic, I plan on working through Kate’s Twelve Lessons and Your Life Plan, by Erica Sosna in the hope that  I can dig deeper when it comes to my own authenticity and the direction I want to take over the coming year or so. Along with starting my Master of Laws in November, the next few years should be an exciting journey for me, that I hope to blog about, so in years to come I can reread  about my adventures and see how far I’ve come.




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