Chickpea love & veganism gone bad

Morning, from chilly Corsham. The sun has gone and the rain has moved in, so I shall be attempting some more Aga cooking today!

My little blog post today could be seen as a little confrontational, hey ho, but it’s why I think vegans give veganism a bad name. It was brought to my attention after a friend posted a humorous video on her page, only to be called cruel – something so removed from the truth, that it’s a joke! Also, there is so much backstabbing on some of the vegan groups I’m in, that you’d be pushed to believe that we all support the same cause.

I became a vegetarian, several years ago for health reasons – my diet was atrocious and I was a heart attack waiting to happen, even my GP had told me as much. I became a qualified nutritionist so I knew what I was doing, and it worked – I shed 9 stone and became fit and healthy again. More recently I became vegan, for a combination of reasons – it’s a very healthy diet (despite what you may have been told), I am passionate about saving the planet (veganism is a more sustainable way of living) and of course the animals (Ahimsa at it’s most basic of interpretations).

I post pictures of vegan food (it’s what I eat), if I was an omnivore or carnivore, I still post pictures of my food if I considered it healthy, fun or interesting. What I hope that I do not do, is shove veganism down your throats by posting graphic photos & videos of animal slaughter etc. As far as I am aware you are all intelligent beings, capable of Googling such stuff if you want to. Nor am I the one to lecture you on what you eat, after all, I hear none of you telling me that I overconsume chickpeas; likewise why should I preach about smoking or alcohol….I abstain – my choice and you are entitled to yours.

So my little bugbear of the day are vegans that are so bloody self-righteous, offering up their sermons and scaremongering others….I know if I did this, I would alienate many of my friends. So eat what you want, drink alcohol should you choose and smoke, if that’s your inclination but most of all, be happy in life and don’t give a **** of what others think of you. No doubt, I shall now be deleted by several overly ‘vegan’ vegan friends,and that’s OK, as long as they do not bring their fanatical views to my page.

Much love, light and happiness, and remember, whilst it may be grey and rainy outside, the plants are feeling the love for it today.
~ Shanti xx

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