101 Things in 1001 Days

So I love lists and I love challenges so what better than to combine the two and have some fun over the next 1001 days. Any help, input and advice will be very gratefully received, anyhow here are the basics of the challenge – Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching, ie. they represent some amount of work on my part to accomplish. I’ll be updating the list as I go along; you’ll notice there are a few blanks at the end, just because I know I’ll think of something that I really want to achieve but will have missed out.

Start date – January 1st, 2017

Finish date – September 29th, 2019

1.      Meet up with 5+ Facebook friends
2.      Blog weekly
3.      Instagram twice weekly
4.      Leave Badoo
5.      Complete 104 things to photograph in 2017
6.      Complete my 52 Lists Project
7.      Launch and maintain my website (Moonfruit)
8.      Tweet daily
9.      Reconnect with at least one old friend
10.   Climb the 3 Peaks – Ben Nevis, Snowdon & Scafell
11.   Walk the South Downs Way
12.   Walk the Clarendon Way
13.   Walk the Isle of Wight Coastal Path
14.   Walk the Two Moors Way (Devon Coast to Coast)
15.   Walk 2,000 miles in 2017 (& 2018)
16.   Walk one of the London Loops
17.   Complete ‘Couch to 5K’ & do a fun run
18.   For a month, get up early and go for a walk/run
19.   Read a fiction book a month
20.   Leave a note in a library book for someone to find
21.   Complete my Master’s Degree
22.   Write a book
23.   Finish up my current Udemy courses (x3)
24.   Learn some basic astronomy
25.   Master all my camera’s functions
26.   Enter a photography competition
27.   Have a letter published in a magazine
28.   Write myself a letter to open in ten years’ time
29.   Learn Photoshop basics
30.   Listen to 50+ Ted Talks
31.   Write to a British prisoner overseas
32.   Find 10 new travel blogs & follow them
33.   Refresh my French language skills
34.   Learn to play chess
35.    Photograph 5+ sunsets, sunrises & full moons somewhere other than my home city
36.   Draw or paint something
37.   Watch 2 films a month – movie night
38.   Qualify as a Hatha Yoga & meditation teacher
39.   Clear my overdraft and any other misc. debts
40.   Blitz and declutter my home – all of it!
41.   Get to (again) and maintain 126lbs (9 stone)
42.   Conquer my fear of heights (to some degree)
43.   Watch all the 24 box-sets
44.   Teach Yoga somewhere weekly
45.   Go horse riding
46.   Get back up to speed on Percy the piano
47.   Master the headstand in Yoga
48.   Have a technology-free, digital detox weekend
49.   Have a professional massage
50.   Watch all five Best Picture Oscar nominees
51.   Make my own hummus
52.   Raise at least £100+ for a charity
53.   Home Yoga Practise 3x a week for a month+
54.   Decorate & freshen up each room
55.   Donate blood x 6
56.   Speak in front of an audience
57.   For 1 month, buy nothing new (except essentials)
58.   Donate 101 things that I no longer need
59.   Be able to do 30 consecutive (regular) push-ups
60.   Be able to do 100 sit-ups
61.   Go on a Yoga retreat/holiday
62.   Answer “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
63.   Have a facial
64.   Have a professional photo shoot
65.   Start my own business
66.   Remain vegetarian & teetotal for the 1001 days
67.   Learn more about politics (national & local)
68.   Plank for 1+ min every day for one month
69.   Fast for 7 days on water, tea & organic juices
70.   Give up bread, cakes & biscuits etc. for a 28+ days
71.   Get into the habit of only weighing myself weekly
72.   Visit 10+ new cities
73.   Go to at least 5+ concerts
74.   Go to the cinema 5+ times alone
75.   See the Northern Lights (skies permitting)
76.   Go to the US for a vacation
77.   Spend Christmas day somewhere snowy
78.   Go on a ghost hunt
79.   Stay in Glastonbury
80.   Go camping
81.   Visit St Michael’s Mont & Le Mont-Saint-Michel
82.   Visit the Chelsea Physic Gardens
83.   Go geocaching
84.   Go to a murder mystery event
85.   Attend 5+ ethnic or cultural festivals/events
86.   Get out in nature 5x a week for a month+
87.   Go to the theatre at least once a year
88.   Go and see an opera
89.   Visit 5+ UNESCO world heritage sites
90.   Visit 5+ museums
91.   Celebrate New Year’s Eve somewhere special
92.   Have a 2-week vacation somewhere
93.   Have Afternoon/High Tea somewhere
94.   Go to a theme park
95.   Go somewhere special for Hallowe’en
96.   Go to Harrods or Hamleys – buy a bear!
97.   Go to a firework display on November 5th
98.   Go to the Ballet
99.   See Derren Brown perform (again) live on stage



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