Progress is being made….slowly!

It’s already week two of January but I’ve made a start on my ‘101 List’ and been busy making plans. Two tickets have been brought – one to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra performing my favourite all time piece of classical music – Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, which is happening shortly after Easter and the week before I visit Prague mid-March, I’m off to Salisbury Arts Centre to catch Levison Wood on his theatre tour, and he’ll doubt be talking about Walking the Americas….I shall behave myself and not blatantly drool at Levison!

I’ve also taken a few photos that I’m actually quite chuffed with – one of which kinda qualifies for my list – it’s not a full moon unfortunately but it is a rather epic crescent moon, so it’s allowable and the other, a macro-shot capturing the frost, taken on one of the few mornings I’ve made it out for a walk; study catch-up has had to take priority and today’s bad weather has scuppered my walking plans yet again, so I’m already down on the year’s target, but the year is still young thankfully and many steps still to be had! I’ve also managed to read my first fiction of the year – Fiona Barton’s the Widow, amazing psych thriller and completed in just four sessions! So, all in all, I think I’ve made an admirable start to my challenges, and I have several others ongoing, along with the dreaded diet that started (again) today.

After my Rhodes holiday, healthy clean eating went out the window, Brugge cemented this even further but finally, the house is devoid of any chocolate and leftover Christmas delights, so I’m back on the straight and narrow and hoping to drop 8lbs over the next 18 days, ready for my university award presentation. I’m pretty good at losing weight, having previously dropped half my total body weight several years ago and hauled myself back into the land of the living – this year I have several goals to hit weight-wise, the main one being to get to my target of 119lbs by my birthday at the end of June. Weight loss aside, which I’m immensely proud of, January 1st saw me start my fourth year being teetotal – as someone who was once told they’d never see 50, because of the amount I used to drink alcohol-wise, this is a big thing for me – not only did it save my life, but it has given me my life back in so many ways….and, they all joked that I’d never be able to do that ‘Dry January’ challenge back in 2014 – 1,104 days on and who’s laughing now 😉

Anyways, it’s back to the studies and an afternoon of the socio-legal approach to researching the role of the media in family courts, so I shall leave you with my two favourite photos I’ve taken this year.

Love & light ~ Shanti



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