Aren’t word counts funny old things!

OU is notoriously bad for giving you totally unfathomable word counts to work to….a) an assignment based on the 600-page textbook you’ve just slogged through in no more than 1,500 words or b) please write something akin to War & Peace analysing the last 2 paragraphs of twaddle you’ve just skimmed read over. My current law assignment is asking me to compare two legal research methods in just 2,000 words (utterly impossible) and my tutor will totally ignore anything over and above that, despite the so-called 5% buffer zone. My Yoga assignments, however, are a total dream and have no word count restrictions – apologies to my tutor who has to sit and wade through my prattlings on about various Asanas and Yogic principles. Yesterday I completed a lovingly written 4011 words on Sun Salutations, variations of the Surya Namaskar and class instruction on said flow of movements, so I hope she has a bounty of biscuits and tea in place, ready for its arrival. She does quite often write little notes at the bottom of my returned work, saying that she’s looking forward to my next offering, but secretly I suspect she’s planning to book some leave and delegate my assignment to someone else to mark.
Today I shall, therefore, be spending my time trying to squeeze comparative legal research into my ever-diminishing word count, whilst fretting that my submission deadline is now just 49.5 hours away and NOT procrastinating by cleaning windows/ovens/anything or playing games on FB (honest!)

Love & light ~ Shanti xx

*Update* as of 18.30hrs (31/01) – 1991 words written and submitted with 40.5 hrs spare, along with posting off my Yoga assignment for writing…excellent productivity if I say so myself!

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