Springtime festivals galore

Blessed Vasant Panchami – February 1st

Vasant (Basant) Panchami day is dedicated to Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, music, arts, science and technology.
Vasant Panchami is celebrated across India on February 1 and observed by Hindus not just in India but globally – it marks the beginning of the spring season – Vasant means spring and Panchami means “the fifth day” of Magha month of Bikram Sambat.

Saraswati (सरस्वती) is a part of the trinity of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. All the three forms help the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to create, maintain and regenerate-recycle the Universe respectively. The earliest known mention of Saraswati as a goddess is in the Rigveda. She has remained significant as a goddess from the Vedic period through modern times of Hindu traditions.

या कुन्देन्दुतुषारहारधवला या शुभ्रवस्त्रावृता
या वीणावरदण्डमण्डितकरा या श्वेतपद्मासना
या ब्रह्माच्युतशंकरप्रभृतिभिर्देवैः सदा पूजिता
सा मां पातु सरस्वति भगवती निःशेषजाड्यापहा


Brightest of Imbolc Blessings – February 2nd.

 Imbolc falls on the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, the holiday is also known as Candlemas, or Brigid’s (pronounced Breed) Day, it’s one of the 4 Celtic Fire Festivals and celebrates the successful passing of winter and the beginning of the agricultural year ~ Blessed Be!

Artwork ‘Imbolc Goblin’ courtesy of Deviant artist Ahren T. Paulson


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