Singles Awareness Day

So the dreaded big day is just over a week away – yep that’s right, Valentine’s day is lurking folks. Technically this is a huge error, and not yet picked up on by the marketing companies – it’s single awareness day and I, for one embrace it. Ladies (& gents) you do not need a partner for the big day, I have been single for 14 years and usually have a great V-day, despite not once getting a card in all that time, much less, flowers etc. You have to remember the most important thing and that is you are loved – by you….If you don’t love yourself, then you really can’t expect anyone else to love you – so start with some self-love this year. Buy yourself chocolates, flowers, whatever takes your fancy (I’d forgo sending yourself a card though because that’s just a bit too weird) but take note and have your self-love V-day on the 15th, when all items will be at least half the price. Also, take the pressure off yourself and don’t sit by the window next week waiting to molest the postman and demanding that he re-checks his delivery bag a dozen times just in case he’s missed anything – you can forgiven for any postman molestation if he resembles the man of your dreams (sadly, Matt my postman doesn’t resemble Levison Wood in the slightest) just blame it on a moment of insanity (not desperation!), after all, you can away with murder given the right circumstances (& lawyer).
~ Shanti xx

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