The amazing Jonathan Cainer

When I was aged about 21, I discovered the divine Mr Jonathan Cainer.
Whilst working as a session musician, Jonathan received an astrological reading which lead to him deciding to train in astrology; he went on to write for several large national newspapers, both here in the UK and in Australia. Unfortunately last year Jonathan had a massive heart attack and passed away, and his nephew Oscar took over. I was lucky enough to get a full astrological reading done for me by Jonathan just before his death, based on my exact date, time and place of birth and I read Oscar’s daily forecasts. Whilst I have never given much credence to horoscopes, the Cainers’ predictions have always been pretty much spot on and they’re lighthearted with it.

I was excited to read this late last night – my prediction for today
“Do you remember reading stories about fairies and pixies with the power to grant three wishes? Do you also recall wondering why nobody ever seemed to use those wishes properly? The weekend’s Eclipse, brings your chance to respond in the right way to such an opportunity. Life is offering you the chance to attain something wonderful. Don’t waste the wish by asking for a palace, a bag of gold, a perfect lover or a great career. Ask for whatever will make you truly happy, longest. Then trust all that ensues.”

My ‘wish’ is fairly simple (obviously, I cannot tell you what it is) but it certainly doesn’t aspire to anything along the lines of palatial homes, gold ingots or a Prince in shining armour. Anyway, whatever the full moon may bring, today is already going pretty well – I’ve just been notified by the ‘Crime Vault’ telling me that I’ve won last week’s giveaway, the prize being some Linda Fairstein novels
~ Shanti xx


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