Stark realisation time

Yesterday I took myself out walking along the Chichester Canal, Marina and Harbour, then back into the city to explore the Cathedral – covering 14.28 miles.

Before embarking on the Cathedral sights, I stopped at a delightful tearoom called the Buttery ( for a sandwich, Earl Grey & some home-made carrot cake. It was all going well, I was minding my own business, checking my emails on my iPad, when a middle-aged gentleman sat on the table next to me and commenced chatting. A word of warning – never get between a woman and her cake, especially not after she has just walked 10 miles and is in need of sustenance! Don’t get me wrong he was nice enough – he was intelligent, well spoken and had a pulse – all the essentials that I’d look for in a man. Somehow (a moment of utter madness) I ended up giving him my business card (I blame it on the lack of sugar!) and he said he’d contact me next week so maybe we could arrange to meet up for a drink (- very worryingly he was not put off by my eccentricity, normally my madness is enough to send men scurrying).

Now, I should have been flattered, after all, this is the first offer of a ‘date’ in over 14 years, and yet I found myself hugely relieved once he’d left and set off on his way & I could resume stuffing my face with cake. So I am know living in dread that the rather nice looking teacher, who has a cottage in Emsworth and a yacht in the harbour, might just actually call me next week wanting to go on this supposed ‘assignation’- I’m sure I will find an appropriate excuse (does ‘washing your hair’ still constitute extenuating circumstances?).

I have finally realised that I really love being single and that I cannot see me ever wanting to change my status to ‘taken’. Some people need to be in a relationship, I’m just the complete opposite, I find the very thought of them suffocating – I’m a loner, I’m fiercely independent and fearless when it comes to most things and really have no need for an ‘other’ in my life – I only hope that he loses my contact details over the nest few days 😉

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