Sunny days in Springtime

Oh, how I love to see families out spending quality time together – joyous to behold in their designer trainers, pretty Balerina pumps and snowy white plimsolls. Oh, how I slightly snigger as Dad has to manhandle his teenage daughters across the rickety stile in their super skin tight jeans and diamante encrusted hoodies, whilst promising pizza for tea as a reward for the family making it home alive. Oh, how bemused I am as to why mother thought that kitten heels were suitable walking attire, especially as mid-February is a guarantee of several inches of mud, and although the sun maybe shining, it’s certainly not strappy vest t-shirt weather. Yes, I saw you look at me when we got out at the car park, wearing my walking boots, caked in mud but you see there’s the clue – it’s the countryside, not a catwalk – there will be mud, trees, bugs and if you’re really lucky a field full of menacing cows that will want to befriend you – so you might need to run fast or scramble through the hedgerow to escape Ermintrude and her pals!

Longparish village (St Nicholas Church) and the hamlet of Forton.

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