Natural Hieracrhy ~ Lha, Nyen & Lu

One way of describing the natural hierarchy is Heaven ~ Earth ~ Man

Shambhala wisdom from Tibet has a different perspective from heaven, earth and man, that of  Lha ~ Nyen ~ Lu.

Lha – means divine or god, it is the places on earth that reach into the heavens above, as close to the heavens as the earth can reach – the mountain tops. Psychologically it represents the first wakefulness, it is the experience of freedom from pollution in your state of mind, Lha is what reflects the Great Eastern Sun for the first time in your being, it is represented physically by the head, especially eyes, the forehead and the third eye.


Nyen means friend & friendship, it begins with the great shoulders of the mountains and includes the forests, jungles and plains. Psychologically it is solidity, grounded in goodness, grounded in the earth, it is an enlightened version of friendship – being courageous and helpful to others, in the body, Nyen is not only shoulders but the torso, chest, ribs and your heart.


Then there is Lu, meaning “water being”, it is the realm of oceans, rivers and lakes. Psychologically Lu is the experience of jumping into a golden lake, freshness like sunlight reflecting in a deep pool of water, showing its jewel-like quality, Lu is represented by the legs and everything below the waist.


Lha, Nyen and Lu are also related to the seasons, Lha is winter – above the clouds where it is cold and crisp, as if you were flying in the clouds, Nyen is summer, when things are green and in bloom and Lu relates to autumn because fruition takes place.

By appreciating your world and taking a fresh look at the universe, you feel the presence of Lha, Nyen and Lu in your body and entire being.

💮 Shanti 💮


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