My date with Levison Wood, and Alberto!

The sun came out yesterday afternoon in Salisbury, and after a stop en route at the New Forest Lavender Farm for tea and cake, I had a bit of a stroll around the Cathedral grounds and up to the Harnham Water Meadows. Later, whilst having dinner at Prezzo (awesome 25% student discount), I saw the man himself, Levison Wood and his ‘Walking the Americas’ sidekick Alberto Caceres, walk past the window – good job I was mid-food, otherwise, I may have started stalking them both through Salisbury city centre, (btw, Alberto came on stage later during the show and is a comic genius, C4 should sign him up immediately!).
Levison Wood’s talk was very inspiring and he shone some light on the ‘Wanderlust’ gene. Whilst some scientists refute the DRD4-7R gene is in any way responsible for the need for adventure, others have linked the dopamine D4 receptor and the 7R allele to various traits including addictions/addictive personalities (OCPD), restlessness, impulsiveness, adventure seeking, fearlessness and flexibility….would make a great a dissertation subject (- shame I’m now doing an LL.M and no longer psychology!).
We weren’t allowed to use cameras or take photos of the performance (boo!) but I did manage to get a sneaky one in just prior to the show. And, for any Lev fans – he’s leaving in two weeks time for his next ‘exploration’, but, as much as we all tried, he was not giving away the location other than it’s not a Spanish speaking nation/continent and he’s leaving Alberto back in Mexico.
He finished on this note – three things you must do (no.3 though will only make sense if you’d heard him talk)….
1. Walk – walk anywhere, but walk (big ✔ for me then!)
2. Talk to people – when you’re sat in a cafe etc, start talking to the person next to you – you never know where it can lead (haha, this suggestion would be my father’s worse nightmare when he’s in my company – I will talk to anyone and everyone and it totally frustrates)
3. Write those ‘thank you’ letters, they can change your life!

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