The Wanderlust in Me!

It seems ages ago that I last blogged, actually it’s not that long ago, just a mere 21 days but so much has been crammed into that time. Firstly I’ve been on several long walks, including along the Barton on Sea cliffs, with beautiful clear skies, views over to the Needles (on the Isle of Wight) and beach huts of many colours.

1. The Astronomical Clock  2. Prague Castle  3. Dvorak’s gravestone in Vyšehrad cemetery and 4. the Old Jewish Cemetery

So I’d only been back 10 days and ‘Wanderlust’ began to strike, and somehow I managed to hit the ‘book’ button and am off to Kefalonia in the Greek Islands. Now. I’m not one to let the grass grow under my feet, and so I’m actually flying out on May 2nd, for a week! My father seems to be at a lost as to why I want to go away again so soon, I’ve tried to explain in the terms of Mallory in so far as that when he was asked why he wanted to climb Everest, his response was simply ‘because it’s there’, likewise why travel again (& so soon) – ‘because I can’ and you never know what’s around the corner.  So I’m booked for a week’s sun and walking, I’ve already been given a recommendation to visit a taverna belonging to a Twitter’s pal cousin, with the promise that I’ll be well looked after. I’ve managed to find some sneaky pics of where I’m staying……

With Kefalonia just 18 days away, I’m on a mission – firstly to finish my assignment and get it submitted (deadline 20th) and also to get myself a little bit lighter, healthier and get my skin glowing.

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