To travel doesn’t take bravery….

This morning I read something by Intrepid Travel that pretty much sums up my view of travelling…..
“Travel is not a reward for working, it’s education for living – You don’t have to traverse oceans, climb mountains, conquer new languages. But go. Get away from what you know. Walk until you can’t anymore. Catch a bus to the end of the line. Book the only flight you can afford and wing to wherever it takes you. Meet people who challenge you, make you feel. Just meet people. New people. See things that you’ve never seen. Be frightened. Be overwhelmed. Be inspired. Every day on the road brings perspective, it fosters compassion and openness. Travel really is an education, may it never end.”
And Rapunzel’s Passport – Travel Blog posted this just the other day ~ “Take the trip alone, don’t miss the opportunity to learn something about yourself”
….and you really do discover who you are and what you’re made of. There’s nothing brave about travelling alone, it’s a challenge at times (especially with my navigational skills) but it’s certainly not at all heroic to get on a boat, plane or train to explore somewhere new – it’s invigorating, adrenalin pumping and awe inspiring….what’s there not to love!
I’ve already made some great connections on Kefalonia, had loads of amazing recommendations and offers of help and sound advice. I have a gut feeling that this could be something quite special and play a big part in my future – if not this particular island then one very similar, and the great thing about Yoga is that it’s universal and you can teach it anywhere.
Anyway, here’s one of my little starlings sat waiting for me this morning for his/her breakfast – cute fluffiness is far better than a boring political post any day!
~ ॐ Shanti xxIMG_2310

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