A little reality check is good for the soul 🌺

Sunday for me is all about peace, calm, reflection – maybe an extra long walk or just a leisurely late breakfast and a day of reading. Alas, for others it is just another day to bombard FB & social media with their on-going dramas, political & religious goading and general negativity.
Every so often I stop and take account of my life – what I’m truly grateful for and also what I’m not quite so enamoured with – not just in the world but with myself…. Something I’m having to do far more often these days, just in order to give myself a reality check!
As a ‘Yogi’, I strive for authenticity in my life and do my best to honour the Yamas and Niyamas – the ethical precepts set forth by Patanjali, but as anyone will tell you, living a life that’s ‘true’ is bl**dy difficult. Even if you don’t do Yoga – have a read of them, they are not ‘religious’ but do address, I think, a lot of where the problems arise in society these days.
I’ve noticed this week is that I am still partly living my life for others, thankfully not so much at the detriment of myself these days, but still, I am living their ‘control dramas’. The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield) is a great book (insight 4) about awareness to the unconscious competition that goes on between humans for energy, some will know this as the “psychic vampire” effect, and how just being, speaking or messaging someone can drain the energy from you and leave you feeling as if you’ve been slapped by a big wet fish.
So the forthcoming week’s task is for me to really make a concerted effort to not to fall into play when it comes to others’ control dramas. I need to stand up for myself just a little bit more, simply by either walking away – sometimes the far easiest and safest option (emotionally & physically) or fight my corner, by having a well thought out response.
I’ll leave you with one of the Yamas in it’s simplest of interpretations and one that we can all so simply incorporate into out daily lives…. In yoga philosophy, ‘Ahimsa’ is often translated as “non-violence” or “non-harming”, and it is the opportunity to relinquish hostility and irritability, and instead, make space within your consciousness for peace and compassion. There are so many interpretations of Ahimsa, but this one for me sums up the purity of it.
Love, light & have a blessed Sunday ~ Shanti xx

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