Enbrace life – it’s short!

Here’s a thought for you, as quoted by Benjamin Franklin (I believe) – some people die at 25 but aren’t buried until they’re 75….think about it!
In the words of Lisa Stansfield (OK, so I don’t know if technically she wrote the actual lyrics) – “If I could change the way I live my life today, I wouldn’t change a single thing”. My life is pretty amazing, I’m grateful for all I have & the opportunities I’ve been given and I try to embrace life as much as possible.
Sometimes/often I’m met with opposition, the ‘why do you want to do that?’ type of questioning. My reply has become very much in line with Hillary’s theory – ‘because it’s there’, and I now respond with a ‘because I can’, rather than make up some half-hearted explanation for my actions.
This afternoon I’ve heard some real twaddle in response to travelling to Morocco – why would I want to go there? To a country that will repress my freedom as a woman and not allow me to dress as I want (I bit my tongue & refused to get into an argument). It’s about being respectful of another culture and their religious beliefs, especially when in another country. I certainly have no issues, and never will, towards Muslims or the Islamic faith (or any other faith, creed or religion for that matter), either overseas or here in the UK. It makes my wonder why some people fear ‘difference’ or even refuse to acknowledge it, let alone embrace it and accept that we are all diverse and are all entitled to our opinions.
Yes, I’m slightly in trepidation of what Morocco will be like and how I’ll find my way around Marrakesh without getting lost in the Medina, but am I scared of wanting to embrace the culture, whilst respecting their values and exploring the city – why ever would I be?
One of the greatest authors, in my humble opinion, was Oscar Wilde and I guess the point I’m trying to get across is this – I know that I don’t simply ‘exist’, do you?

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