Start Where You Are

I have two new books, but as I keep telling the D’Kins, you can never have too many books! I’m not a hoarder in any sense of the word, in fact, I’m quite a minimalist when it comes to keeping things just for sentimental reasons. However, I feel as if I still have too much ‘stuff’ (mainly books, ironically) and I certainly need to declutter my ‘mind’ a bit more.


Stephanie Bennett Vogt – a professional in the art of environmental and personal space clearing, drip feeds you small ideas daily in order to help clear the clutter, whether that be physically or mentally (

Meera Lee Patel (a favourite of mine), is a divine self-taught artist. Her illustrations are ‘inspired by the magical mysteries of nature, the quiet stories that lace through everyday life, and the bold colours of her native India’ (

The idea is that I’m going to slowly work through both books concurrently and see where they take me – hopefully to a less cluttered place, where I’ve uncovered something that I never knew about myself!

Today’s opening illustration by Meera and quote by E B White (the author of Charlotte’s Web) invites us to be open to the wonder all around us. Our lives are so busy and we are all too often caught in the ‘everydayness’, that we forget to stop and notice the beauty that we are surrounded by.

IMG_5563 copy

Today’s accompanying prompt is “List five things that always, and immediately, bring a  smile to your face”. Mine are fairly simple and I’ll keep them brief….

Charlie Bear – my best friend and travel companion – yes, he’s a ‘bear’ but that does not make him any less valid

Travelling – Anais Nin once said that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. Since I started to travel again, I’ve become quite fearless and my life has grown immeasurably

Being out in nature and walking – I’m so very thankful that I am physically healthy and can walk a great many miles. The onrush of scenery – hills, mountains, trees, rivers, the sea, this is what makes me happy, it quietens my mind and fills my being with a sense of renewal

The birds (and wildlife) in my back garden – these delicate beings are spoilt rotten and they give me so many hours of entertainment, watching them play, squabble and interact with each other

So that makes four things that always make me smile. I won’t say I’m struggling with a fifth but I am still undecided, however, something I’m learning to do is ‘letting go and just being with’ so for now ‘four’ really is OK!

~ much love, light and blessings, Shanti xx

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