Intolorance – my levels are rising!

I’m not sure whether it is just me being middle aged but I am finding more things becoming of annoyance. I’m a very placid, laid back person and not much riles me but ever increasingly so, things are beginning to bug me ever so slightly. Let’s take today for example…..

I’m a loner, I like my own company, I love the peace and quiet, which is why I escape off walking in the Forest. Bugbear #1, I was followed on foot from the car park by two middle-aged women, slightly older than myself walking together, chatting as they obviously do. After a mile or so I was seriously tempted to turn round and say ‘STFU!’ (& I  hardly ever swear) – their incessant nattering did not stop, not even for a minute. So much for hearing the birds sing and the breeze blowing, no I was subjected to some plans for a leaving party until the point that I was about to snap and took a detour away from my usual route just to protect my sanity. How can people just talk non-stop – I’m not sure they even stopped for breath and I was exhausted just listening to them!

Bugbear #2 – Facebook is also driving me to distraction with the political posts, especially by friends who swore that they would never impose their views onto others or rant about the other party and yet, I find myself in the midst of Armageddon on there. It obviously could be made far worse, if I declared which party I support, and then I suspect total alienation would ensue….maybe this would not be such a bad thing? And, it’s not just the politics, it’s the constant whining about their lives, their illnesses and the hardships they have to endure – really? May I suggest that you look at a third world country where people are starving, dying of thirst and have no medical care whatsoever – you’ll never hear them moaning the way that the people of FB-land do!

So as my intolerance towards people continues to grow, I find myself asking questions akin to – there must be more to life than this? Could I actually live off the grid, maybe with just some occasional high-speed internet as moral support? And, how much actually is an uninhabited Greek Island these days?

Actually, some of my annoyances could be easily avoided – Facebook is one of the easiest options to control – I could leave, delete, or restrict certain people; I do enjoy FB but feel that some serious censorship and selective viewing could be called for, very very soon!

Badoo is another site that I use and which totally frustrates me – a so-called ‘social network’ site, aka a ‘dating site’ as seen by some. Here the male ego is very much at play and unfortunately, I don’t play their games and end up being insulted because I have the audacity to stand up for myself. I really need to leave all the desperate men behind and spend my time more wisely and productively….maybe cultivating the grounds on my Greek island perhaps?

Anyway, after managing to escape the very chatty ladies, I found some quiet and serenity in amongst the trees, which reminded me of the Celestine Prophecy and the third insight, where they look for the energy in nature. I’ve finally got the complete set of books by James Redfield, and, if I curtail my FB usage, I’ll have plenty of time to read them!

~ Love, light, peace & loads of quiet xx

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