My bucket list for 2017 & 2018

Firstly, my year of extraordinary travels so far!

In 2017, I’ve already visited Prague, Kefalonia and Sofia, all of which were amazing and all very different to each other. Prague was somewhere that fulfilled all it promised – amazing history and fairy tale buildings. I immediately came home and Wanderlust stuck, and so I booked a week away in early May for Kefalonia and it stole my heart! Such a beautiful island, such warm people and for me, somewhere that I would, and most possibly, will move to.  Then came Sofia, a short break to celebrate my 49th birthday – a very underrated city, that I found charming, diverse and the perfect way to see in the start of my 50th year on Planet Earth.

So along with my travels, I balance being a post graduate student in Law, currently undertaking an LL.M, with the advantage of distance learning. Even so, I do have to make time for the text books and assignments, and this year I have added a few incentives to spur me on. At the start of September, I have a near-on front row ticket for the amazing Derren Brown. I’ve seen him perform live before and he never disappoints (  A week after, I shall be off to Oxford, a city I love but never seem to manage to get more than a day or so in. This year I’ve stretched my visit to 2 nights and three days – lots of walking and exploration of the various Universities, libraries and museums and a breather before my end of module Uni assignment.

So this brings me to the 2017/2018 bucket list. I really want to spend my 50th year doing as much as possible (around my studies) – I’m actually considering deferring a uni module for 6 months so as it doesn’t clash directly with my birthday.

My next overseas planned travel adventure is to Morocco and a week in Marrakech. Morocco is somewhere that has always fascinated me and, although a bit apprehensive, I cannot wait to get there. I visit just over a week before Christmas and it’ll bring 2017 to a close, in what has been quite an incredible year for me.


So what does 2018 bring? Technically nothing is confirmed as yet. I have been very fortunate to be given a lump sum, from my amazing father, to put towards my travels, and I plan on matching that (undisclosed) sum. So here’s where the dilemma starts….do I do a series of shorter holidays or one, out of this world one? Shorts break possibilities include a trip to Lisbon, Copenhagen and St Petersberg. One longer haul, which is what I’m leaning towards, has been narrowed down to, I think, three options….

Backpacking around the Dodecanese Islands, Greece for a month.

Parking my backside on a Caribbean Island, most likely Cuba, for a couple of weeks.

Flying to Orlando and taking a month long road trip, travelling across to Clearwater and then down the Gulf Coast and onto the Keys.

I am already pre-empting the objections to all of the above – I have already been told that I’ve never driven abroad and that Cuba is ‘dangerous’! However, each has their own merits and I won’t make a decision until nearer the time but as it currently stands, Florida is winning. I last went there as a 21-year-old and got married at Kissimmee, I’d love to return but this time omit the theme parks (& the marriage!) and instead see more nature, wildlife and learn a bit more about myself en route.

     And, who knows what else could happen in 2018. I’ve already ‘won’ a return cross Channel ferry trip to France that I plan on taking full advantage of and, as a registered house sitter, unexpected opportunities often arise with little notice. This week alone I’ve turned down a 6-week stay in Vancouver, a month in Finland and a fortnight in Venice, purely due to the sits being at such short notice and having prior study commitments.

 All I can say is ‘watch this space’ as I embrace my 50th year 🙂


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