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So, I’m still playing catch-up on my travel blogs – Malta to finish, Marrakesh, Krakow & Helsinki to start but, if the truth be known, I’ve been suffering a bit health-wise. Nothing serious, just a stream of constant niggling issues which only exacerbate my mental health/bipolar problems.  But, hey ho – I’m alive & addressing each of the problems slowly, which is why I’ve decided to take stock a little bit of my life & get it back fully on track.

Having recently read Cait Flanders book, “The Year of Less”, I’ve been inspired to start with my spending and really cut back on what I buy and become a more mindful consumer. I’m not yet in a good enough place to start clearing out and letting go of any belongings, my mental health is not in a stable enough place for that right yet, but I am going to stopping buying!

What I’m allowed to shop for:

  • groceries and basic kitchen supplies (plastic wrap, tin foil, etc.)
  • toiletries ((vegan where possible) toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.), but only after I have completely run out!
  • (Eco-friendly) cleaning products (as above)
  • gifts for others
  • petrol and any necessary car repairs
  • Renewing my house sitting subscriptions & travel insuranceWhat I’m NOT allowed to shop for:
  • ‘fun’ cosmetics & toiletries, ie, the ones that I really do not need or can afford
  • clothes (except for a few essentials, or if I lose weight and nothing fits and the old item(s) must be recycled)
  • shoes (this will be easy, as I hate buying shoes anyway)
  • books, magazines and notebooks (this will be tough)
  • household items (candles, incense, decor, furniture, etc.)
  • electronics and appliances
  • eating/drinking out – something I’ve done far too excessively
  • Teddy Bears/bear accessories (except on vacation, where I can purchase one!) – this is a big downfall of mine and I really do not have the room for any more!

Whilst this won’t get me out of my student debt completely, it will hopefully stop me getting to a point of no return! I do have two, maybe three trips booked and I would really like to be in a position where I have the spending money to enjoy them fully.

I’ve invested in a new journal (before the shopping ban) called Don’t Judge My Story, which I hope will allow me to ‘Reflect, Appreciate, Refresh, Smile, Connect & Dream’ and I also have a copy of Wake Up To The Joy Of You by Agapi Stassinopoulos – 52 weeks of getting myself back to being myself! Lastly, I’ve printed off a copy of 30 Challenges for 30 Days of Growth by Marc Chernoff and will be looking to incorporate some of them over the coming months too. I just feel as if I can find the real me (again), then hopefully a lot of the health and mental health issues will start to diminish.

My time has been spent unwisely recently – too much procrastination and not enough study! I have decided that at the end of this Master’s Uni module (October) that I will take a year out before my dissertation – firstly I do not have the money for it and secondly, I think my brain needs a break before embarking on my Doctorate/PhD. This will give me a year to try and get sponsorship for it, allow me to complete my ‘official’ Yoga and meditation teacher qualifications (that my father has paid for) and finish and Udemy courses that I have started (& already paid out for). I need to ditch the FB games – actually, I need to cut right back on time spend on social media, including Badoo (a rather dumb chat/date site – I’m not even remotely interested in dating, so why the **** am I still on it, yet still I am!).

More time needs to be spent outside walking and in nature –  this has definitely been a bit neglected as of late due to having worn cartlidges in my knees.  I would also like to try to get into the habit of getting up early and seeing the dawn in. Last week, I had a good blitz of my back garden and I really want to enjoy a cup of herbal tea as the sun comes up, instead of sleeping my life away. Plus, more time in nature means more chance to take photographs – a skill I want to improve on.

I’m sure that I will be adding to this particular blog as more ideas creep up on me, but I felt it was important to get something down and out into the public realm to make me somehow accountable. The last week, I have spent on unnecessary items but I have at least been trying to eat healthily and address the immediate health issue that I’m trying to sort out, along with working on my anxiety levels and getting earlier nights.  So watch this space – It’s going to be a challenge, but then who said was meant to be easy!

Much love & light ~ Shanti xx

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