8 lessons in life

Today I received a message from a Facebook friend, who said this…
“I like to read every time your post comments in **** **** ****** group. You always encourage people to stay positive, you always respect other people”. I was completely made up by this observation and the fact that my friend had taken the time to tell me. My response was, obviously to thank her, and offer my reasoning – I believe that positivity attracts positivity and there is enough sadness already in the world, so I like to spread happiness instead. Simple gestures like a kind word to someone who is feeling down, confused or even angry can mean so much. Which then got me thinking about something that is stuck on one of my kitchen cupboard doors. It’s more about self-care for myself but they are also 8 very simple ideas that I think apply to every one of us at one time or another.

I’ve spent my entire life being assigned labels from the ‘gymnastic one’ at school, the one that got ‘engaged at 17’, the one that was ‘remarried by 21’ and ‘divorced by 34’, to being ‘bipolar’, ‘mental’, ‘overweight’ and ‘alcohol dependent’. Thankfully all those labels are now very much in my past but it does prove you are not what people say you are! Labels are fleeting, to be pushed to one side and will only come into play if you allow them to or you allow others to take control over your life.

Sadly not everyone in this world has the freedom or fortune that I am truly grateful to have; some through fear, some through religion or politics, some through the fact that they were simply born on the wrong side of the city or they were not born in a developed nation and some through all of those reasons, plus many others besides.

Before you assign a label to someone or judge them for their religion, political stance, the colour of their skin, where they were born or where they live, ask yourself, would you like to be assigned such a label or seen in that way, if the answer is no….well, you know the rest!

Love and light always ~ Shanti xx


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