The way forward

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged but uni and travelling have been taking up a lot of my time, so consequently, I’ve still not written about several of my latest trips (Marrakech, Krakow, Helsinki or Saint-Malo). I will eventually play ‘catch-up’ on all of them and share some of my photos, once this year at uni has come to an end and I take a year out.

I’ve been having a long, hard think about life and my disillusion with the world as we know it; writing about single-use plastics for my Master’s degree has shocked and saddened me, and so I’m trying to lead by example and ditch as much plastic as possible. Today I needed some fruit, bread and eggs, so decided to have a drive out to the Forest and visit a small local fruit and veg store in Brockenhurst and my local farm shop in Ashurst, and to my delight, this is what I found. It’s fresh, organic, free range and best of all, not a single piece of plastic anywhere in sight, plus I’m doing my bit by supporting small local producers and suppliers.

Mid-year resolution – ditch the supermarkets, as much as conceivably possible!

Farm shop

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