Hi, I’m a mature student, with a BSc (Hons) in Criminology and Psychological Studies, now undertaking an LL.M and a PhD in Laws, with a penchant for human rights, and environmental law. I’m also a specialist Hatha Yoga, meditation teacher and Reiki Master, who suffers from Wanderlust; a lover of Minions, sloths, and alpacas and has a constant companion in Charlie Bear.


As a travel blogger, I work closely with tourist boards, hotels, eateries (especially vegetarian & vegan) and relevant travel brands to help them connect with my community of readers. I also house sit (usually for free), so please contact me directly or check out my house-sitting link….


Every post on Lotus Living is crafted from my own personal experiences and I try to bring out the essence of travel, life and living. I attempt to travel differently – solo, vegan/vegetarian, walking orientated and aimed at the more mature of us (I turn 50 next year!) – beyond the tourist spots, trying to find the very soul of a place.

If you’re a brand, a place or blogger and want to introduce yourself to my readers, let’s work together to create an authentic post. Send me an email –  LotusLiving@aol.com

Love, light & happiness ~ Shanti x

The Wanderer

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